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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I put in the bin?

Any cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, small milk cartons with a 10c Deposit stamp printed on label.

Do I need to take the lids off?

Yes, removing the lids assists in the recycling process at the depot.


Can I put wine bottles and 2L Milk containers in the drum?

Unfortunately, wine bottles and 2L milk containers don’t have a 10c deposit stamp so cannot go in our drums. They can however be placed into council recycling bins.


Does it matter how long it takes to fill up?

Take as long as you need to fill the drum, when your drum is full simply contact Clarke Brothers and we will organise collection, and replace with another drum.


How often do you collect the drum?

We try to collect the drum within the week of being contacted, this can be subject to workload.


Does the drum come with a lid?

Yes, the drum comes with a lid but if you prefer not having a lid we can hold onto it.


Can the drum be left outside in the weather?

Yes, the drums are made from steel and can be left outside or inside, whichever suits your needs.


Are there any setup fees or any contract?

There are absolutely no setup fees or contracts. If you would like to cancel your service simply contact us and we can organise collection of the drum at the earliest convenience.


Do I need to be home for collection?

No, we understand our customers may not be home when we collect, just ensure we have access to the drum, simply let us know the details when organising collection.

What areas do you service?

Metropolitan Adelaide, Aldinga to Gawler.


Can I put 1.25L and 2L bottles in the drum?

Absolutely, we only ask that you crush any plastic bottles larger than 600ml.


Can I get more than one drum at a time?

Yes, however we generally only provide one drum to households due to the length of time to fill the drum is longer than a business. On request, we can provide more than one drum to households if the consumption levels average 10 or more containers a day.


Do you service businesses and community clubs?

Absolutely, we have a large customer base of sporting clubs, restaurants, café’s, offices and factories.


What are the size of the drums?

The drums are 200L, the best way to picture the size is to compare to a 240L council bin. They are generally 1m high by 0.6m wide.


Do the drums get cleaned?

Yes to the best of our ability.  The drums do tend to rust over time making them hard to completely clean.  

Old drums will be replaced as needed.


How do I organise collection?

Simply contact us when your drum is full by text message, email or send us a Facebook message with your name and address and any collection instructions and we will book in your collection.


What do I need to do to organise a drum?

Simply contact us by text message, email or send us a Facebook message with your name, address and contact number with any delivery instructions and we will provide you with a drum asap. Alternatively, you can organise service by clicking this link, New Customer Form


Do the drums come with a lock?

If you are a business or community club and the drum will be placed in a public area, on request we can provide you with a combination lock to secure the contents of the drum. We can also provide you a drum with a modified lid with a hole for placing containers in.


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